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Super Cute Shy Girl on Flickr.

Aleks and I both thought this tasteful and playful implied would be perfect for promoting my Studio Boudoir section of my New Talent Modelling page. You can do soooo much more and get much better photos when you take boudoir into the studio.

Meet Sage on Flickr.

I had the pleasure of working with a new up and coming model in town. Her name is Sage and she is a natural. We did a couple of different “Looks” but my favourite by far was this sexy outfit from Sexz Temptations.

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Geometry on Flickr.

Geometry can make the difference between a discard and a great photograph. This shot shows some nice lines and combinations I think.

Shameless Plug on Flickr.

At New Talent Modelling we are always looking for fresh new talent to introduce to the exciting world of modelling.

We are not an agency. What we do is help you to assemble a professional looking portfolio you can use to open doors of opportunity.

Our rates are very affordable and the quality of our work you can see for yourself.

Don’t be intimidated and don’t be shy. Our job is to bring out your best.

Facebook Banner Photo on Flickr.

Chany is back :-)

We haven’t worked together in such a long time so it was a real pleasure getting some studio time in with this girl.

I usually do up a Facebook Banner photo for my girls and this one was a keeper. For such a hurried shoot we got a lot of keepers.

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