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Here’s Vicky on Flickr.

Here’s Vicky doing a lingerie shoot featuring clothing from the

The Habit is the bricks and mortar store for Sexz Temptations here in Brantford.

Black works soooo well when you mix in a little purple and Vicky showcases this black sexy outfit like no other.

Rebecca Lingerie Shoot on Flickr.

Rebecca turned 18 a while ago and wanted me to do a lingerie shoot with her. We agreed we wanted something sexy, classy, and cute with no nudity.

I shot her in studio in high key. She is a clean canvas with no tattoos and as many redheads do, looks great with a minimum of makeup.

This was shot with a B400 lighting the background to 255, another B400 adding side fill with a bit of light wrap camera right, and a B1600 with a large PLM set way back behind me to fill the rest of the room with light. f11, ISO 100, 1/200, 24-105L, 5DII.

Cee Cee Backlit on Flickr.

Here’s another one of Cee Cee with a purple gel lighting her from behind.

For a new model she did remarkably well. She has an old Hollywood look perfect for this Flapper theme.

Cee Cee on Flickr.

Cee Cee wanted to try her hand at modelling so Lily (The Habit) dressed her up as a “Flapper” girl and we put a cigarette in her hands. Back then women had just gained the right to smoke and they all wanted to because it was supposed to be glamorous. The worst it could do was stunt your growth. Besides 9 out of 10 doctors recommended Tareyton Cigarettes and people would “rather fight than switch” brands.

The world was a bit nuts back then.

The result was a great retro shot that us older folks can still remember.… !

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