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Lifestyle Shoot ~ A Day in the Dorm on Flickr.

This is quite different for me. I’m a studio shooter and rarely leave that comfort zone. Then the other day I was called in to do a lifestyle shoot in a classy apartment available for the occasion. I grabbed what I though I would need - which wasn’t what I needed at all - and headed off not knowing what to expect. I worked with another local shooter with a radically different style. I was wondering how our photos would combine as we had a “shot list” to fulfill and our lighting/shooting style is soooo different. Patrick lit the model and went for an edgy look while I opted to light the room to get a documentary look. He shot in the living area while I concentrated on shooting “a day in the dorm” in the adjacent bedroom.

The colours were nice and neutral so I bounced light off the walls with a PLM behind to create the window light effect seen here. A beauty dish added some front fill. Two lights total.

A big thanks to Ivan Sutton for letting me be a part of this and seeing what it’s like to do this kind of location work. This will be handy experience if I ever try my hand at real estate photography or something for resort/hotel promotion etc….

Brooke in Landscape on Flickr.

A landscape of Brooke in 2014.

Brooke is a fitness buff trying out modelling. She can make it in either field I’d say.

Try out purpleport here. It’s like Model Mayhem but I like the features and image quality much better. It loads faster too.

Here’s another on Flickr.

Everyone seemed to like the last photo of Brooke so here’s another from the same shoot. Same light setup too.

It’s actually the kind of lighting setup I would use for Corporate Headshots in the studio. A few photos back you can find how it works with male fashion: It’s a nice high class sort o look that can be tweaked for different effects.

Meet Brooke on Flickr.

Brooke is a fitness buff and a lifter. Just look at those arms!

She wants to get a foot in the door as a fashion model and gave me a call. We decided on a fashion style shoot with a two light setup. I used a high gridded beauty dish camera left and a large bookend 8’ x 8’ camera right. This turned the black seamless a nice grey. The lens is a 135L Prime set at f5.6

Keep an eye out for more of her. I get the feeling she’ll rise to the top.

Male fashion photography on Flickr.

My buddy Kevin dropped in to try on his new blazer and get some pictures taken. I tried a new lighting approach. I shot at a shallower depth of field to blur out the background better and lit the room rather than lighting him. This is essentially a two light system using Alien Bees with beauty dishes.

One dish lit the white ceiling above Kevin slightly to the left and the other dish lit a white bookend (4’ x 8’ sheet of corrugated plastic). This was placed standing lengthwise on the floor in front right. My walls are yellowish so I did this to avoid a colour cast.

The result was this wrap around lighting that appears to come from larger light sources.

The lens is my 135L Prime at f5.6

We took some campaign photos for brochures and banners and then we played around. That’s where Kevin got to try out free form poses like this one. I think he looks like a well dressed gangster with that expression. For a guy just getting used to being in front of a camera I think he did awesome as a male fashion model. He definitely has the “Look”.

Nancy is Back on Flickr.

Gosh, I haven’t shot with Nancy in sooo long.

She was visiting her dad next door and planned things so we could squeeze in a quick shoot while she was in town. It’s always fun working with her when I can. I hope to do more of it in the future.

Blondy on Flickr.

Blondy is one of those rare models who can walk on a set and own it. It’s such a treat when you come across a model who knows her poses, can emote very well and knows how to work in sync with the photographer and director. She’ll be featured in an upcoming ezine called “Unleashed” - that’s all I’m going to say.

The shoot was a fashion shoot for The Habit and done in colour. I post processed this one in B&W to get the most of the uplighting.

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